Doing business in Gila bend

Licensing Information
The Town of Gila Bend requires that anyone doing business within the Town limits must have a current Town of Gila Bend Business License. Vendors for a special event are NOT required to obtain a Town of Gila Bend Business License.

Business licenses are based on the Fiscal Year, from July 1st of the current year through June 30th of the following year (example: July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016). Fees for business licenses vary, depending on the type of license your business requires (see associated fees below).

Business licenses must be renewed annually. For your convenience, each year a Business License Renewal Invoice will be mailed to you along with an instructional cover letter. In order to avoid any penalties associated with doing business without a valid business license, your license renewal fee must be received by the Town of Gila Bend prior to July 1st.

Applications and Links
To view the Town Ordinance regarding business licensing, click on the link below:
Business Licensing Ordinance

To download a fillable Business License Application, click on the appropriate link below:

For a regular business with or without an actual building location in Gila Bend - $100/annual:

For a business that sells alcohol for consumption (beer, spirits, wine) - $250/annually:
Business License Application

For a person/business wishing to do business on a day-to-day basis, door-to-door sales or at a temporary location (outside a regular business location, vacant lot, etc.) for a set number of days (THIS IS NOT FOR SPECIAL EVENT VENDORS) - $100/day:
Peddler/Solicitor License Application

Commercial Hauler (trash/garbage services) - $1,250:
Commercial Hauler License Application

Insurance (Auto, Home, etc.) - Exempt/No fee - Application required:
Business License Application

Marijuana Dispensary: Fee To Be Determined:
Business License Application