The Town of Gila Bend's museum was renovated back in 2017 to provide visitors a more thoughtful experience. The museum houses memorabilia and artifacts donated and on loan to the Town. Almost everything you will see came from a resident of Gila Bend!


Installations and displays share with visitors a personal knowledge of the Town's history and provenance. Visitors to the museum will also enjoy in-depth information about historical events, native culture and local flavor unique to the area.


Currently, the museum highlights traditional baskets from the Tohono O'odham people and their ancestors, the Papago; historic photographs of Gila Bend, prized arrowhead collections, the infamous Oatman Massacre, and, of course, the famed Butterfield Stage and Mail route. 

The museum is open 7 days a week from 8-4p Mon. - Fri., and from 9-3p on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. It is located at 644 West Pima inside the Town Hall building, adjacent to the Gila Bend Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center.